TÜPRAŞ Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 26 MWe + 85 MWth (with aux firing) (1xSIEMENS SGT600 + l x HRSG)

TÜPRAŞ Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 26 MWe + 85 MWth (with aux firing) (1xSIEMENS SGT600 + l x HRSG)

Project Location:İzmir, Turkey

ENPRODE’s Responsibilities;
Bankable and Technical Feasibility Study Basic and Detailed Engineering & Design, Procurement Consulting for TÜPRAŞ (Turkey Petroleum Refineries Corporation) Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise with 28.1 Million ton Crude Oil processing capacity- awarded ENPRODE Engineering as Basic and Detailed Engineering Contractor for their new 26 MWe+85 MWth Combined Heat and Power Plant investment. 

Basic and Detailed Engineering Works for 26 MWe+85 MWth Cogeneration Plant located in İzmir Aliağa Refinery of TÜPRAŞ, having 100 t/h High Pressure Steam and 15 t/h Low Pressure Steam production capacity, was completed by ENPRODE Engineering. Related agreement was signed in May 2010.

Tüpraş Combined Heat & Power (CHP)


Overall Plant Data

Gross power output 26 Mwe
Gross electrical efficiency 33%
Fuel type Natural gas / Diesel (Dual Fuel)

Gas Turbine

Type Siemens SGT-600
Site rating 23300 kWe
Site rating 23300 kWe
Exhaust Gas Flow 459 t/h
Exhaust Gas Temperature 549 °C

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Type Vertical Drum Type Boiler with Supplementary Firing
Heat Exchangers (HP) Mix Eco, Eco, Boiler, Superheater
Heat Exchangers (LP) Mix Eco, Boiler

Process Steam

HP Steam 42 bar / 445 °C /100 t/h Max
LP Steam 6,5 bar / 205 °C / 6 t/h Max
Operation Modes TEG, TEG+SF, FA
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