AGE CCPP Natural Gas Fired CCPP (200 MW, 3 x SIEMENS SGT800 GTG + l x STG)

AGE CCPP Natural Gas Fired CCPP (200 MW, 3 x SIEMENS SGT800 GTG + l x STG)

Project Location:Denizli, Turkey

ENPRODE’s Project Responsibilities;
» EPCM- Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management
» Bankable and Technical Feasibility Study
» Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering & Design
» Procurement Consulting
» Construction Management
» Commissioning and Start-up

AGE signed an agreement with ENPRODE Engineering in June 2010 for the Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) of all project phases from the conceptual design up to commercial start-up of their 200 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant investment. 

The Power Plant was constructed on land owned by AGE located in Sarayköy, which is a town 22 km to Denizli. The Plant configuration comprises; 3+1 Gas Turbine Combined Cycle technology and consists of three Gas Turbines, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), one Steam Turbine and one Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) in accordance with the equipment performance. AGE CCPP was put into commercial operation in Simple Cycle mode on 27 July 2012 upon Ministerial Acceptance


Overall Plant Data

Gross power output 200 MWe
Gross electrical efficiency 54.5%
Fuel type Natural gas

Gas Turbine

Type Siemens SGT800
Site rating 44877 kWe
Exhaust Gas Flow 459 t/h
Exhaust Gas Temperature 549 °C

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Type Vertical Gas Flow, Drum - Type HRSG
Boilers (HP) Eco, Evaporator, Superheater
Boilers (LP) Eco, Evaporator, Superheater

Steam Turbine

Type Multi-Stage Condensing Steam Turbine
ST power output 64,5 MWe
HP Steam 80 bar/520 °C
LP Steam 75 bar/280 °C
Age Ccpp Natural Gas Fired Ccpp

Power Plant Key
A. Gas Turbine #1
B. By-pass Stack#l
C. Heat Recovery Steam Generator # 1
D. Gas Turbine #2
E. By-pass Stack #2
F. Heat Recovery Steam Generator #2
G. Gas Turbine #3
H. By-pass Stack #3
I. Heat Recovery Steam Generator #3
J. Steam Turbine Building
K. Air Cooled Condenser
L. Demineralized Water Plant
M. Demineralized Water Storage Tank
N. Air Insulated Switchyard
O. Gas Regulating & Metering Station
P. Dry Air Coolers
Q. Storage Building
R. Main Control Building
S. Raw Water Reservoir
T. Service Transformers
U. Emergency Diesel Generator
V. Ultra-Filtration Building
W.Potable Water Storage Tank
Age Ccpp Natural Gas Fired Ccpp
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